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Post by Kingseyi

The secret to successful blogging is actually quite simple; "If you love your blog, others will love your blog."
Have you heard of the law of attraction? Where you attract people and objects to you that vibrate the same frequency as you? This law applies to your blog as well.
I know it's a little esoteric for most people to believe, but it is scientifically proven that your thoughts send out measurable waves into our physical reality. These waves, or vibrations, are like a radio frequency that others on the same channel will be able to decode.
Of course, this happens on the subconscious level and very rarely does anyone consciously attempt to reflect on why certain things are happening to them. But know this, your thoughts, intentions, and feelings all have a direct impact on what will happen in your universe.
This is because our physical reality at it is fundamental (quantum) level is nothing more than frequencies. Even matter which appears solid is nothing more than "energy condensed to a slow vibration" as philosophical comedian Bill Hicks once said.
I won't bore you with the details of the science, but it is important to note that physicists have proven that all particles (building blocks of matter) simultaneously coexist in wave form. This is known as wave-particle duality. In other words, everything we think is solid mass also exists in a wave (vibration) form.
How does this affect blogging? Well, since blogging is perhaps one of the best reflections of you, it follows that you will get exactly what you put into the blog.
Sure, there are technical tasks that can be done to get traffic like writing good original content, sharing it with relevant websites, and engaging in social media. But you will only build a loyal audience by pouring your heart and soul into your blog.
If you are super disciplined about these tasks but dispassionate about your blog's subject, then you may find some success but you'll likely burn out before you achieve sustained success.
However, if you are truly passionate about the subject matter of your blog, it will resonate through your work and act as a powerful magnet for other people who are also passionate about the same subject.
Now that doesn't mean you don't need a blogging strategy, or that you can just sit around meditating about how much you love your topic while only doing the bare minimum work to your blog and expect a huge following. There is no replacement for goal setting and hard work.
But passion naturally feeds your ability to accomplish the necessary technical duties involved in promoting your blog to the point where it hardly feels like "work".
That said, I want to make clear that exercising your passion is just as important as other tasks. So, yes, you should meditate, or brainstorm, about your vision for the blog. Take quiet time each day to visualize your goals and dreams for your blog as well as the route to get you there.
These focused thoughts will move faster than the speed of light into the ether and begin attracting exactly what you want.
Don't believe me? Think this is all hocus pocus silliness? Try it for one month and then get back to me.
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