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Spain Sacks Coach, Julen Lopetegui A Day Before World Cup Begins


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Spain Sacks Coach, Julen Lopetegui A Day Before World Cup Begins

Post by Kingseyi on Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:31 pm

Julen Lopetegui has been sacked as Spain's coach, as announced by Luis Rubiales at a press conference.The surprise for Real Madrid, announced on Tuesday afternoon by Los Blancos, precipitated the events and left the coach without a job to do at the World Cup, just 48 hours before the match against Portugal."We have been forced to do without Lopetegui,"Rubiales noted after a tense morning in Krasnodar."I have spoken with the players, and I can guarantee that they will do everything they canwith the new coaching staff, we are in a very difficult situation.""I do not feel betrayed because Julen has donea relentless job, but we are forced to move on this because of how things have been done," Rubiales continued.
“He is a professional, but this is not correct and we can’t look the other way.
“You can’t do things like that, five minutes before it’s official.“I came from Moscow because this issue is more important, and we had to react.“I saw it in the press, it had already happened, and because of my responsibility, I know that whatever I do, there will be criticism.“Julen would have liked things to have been done differently.“I don’t have to judge Real Madrid, the one who brought the matter to him is responsible because things can’t be done that way.”

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