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How to Toast a Nigerian Girl and Get Her at First Attempt



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How to Toast a Nigerian Girl and Get Her at First Attempt

Post by olatunji10

So you have sighted your Nigerian girl. Say hello, please don’t be all in her space. A polite and friendly ‘hello” would do. So she acknowledges you.
That’s good, start a conversation get to know her name give your name, something about the weather or normal happenings.Nothing intense just the basics. Choosing the conversation is key. You’ve got to be a little intelligent on this one because you do not want to start talking about something she does not understand or like.So keep the topic simple.
Pass a compliment,a truthful compliment on her hair or clothing nothing suggestive please.
If she is with a book you can ask if she likes books, favourite author and the likes.Crack a joke,she may find you funny. Girls like funny guys.
So breaking the ice may not be so fast but persistence is key guys,keep at it.Once the ice is broken then we move on to the next stage.
I must add at this point people generally judge by sight,so please be presentable,look sharp and be confident,girls generally love sharp and confident guys.Pop a breath mint,good breath says a whole lot guys.
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