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4 Smarter Ways To Get Freelance Clients From Your Blog


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4 Smarter Ways To Get Freelance Clients From Your Blog

Post by samuelly

Have you been blogging for a few months but can’t seem to make your first dollar online?
Are you struggling to determine a way to make money from your budding blog?
Then, freelancing might be an option.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer or a designer, or whether you’re in the fishing niche or the marketing niche, there’s probably someone out there who needs your service as a freelancer.
Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular these days, and it can be a very smart way to make money blogging without having to wait for so long. I even freelanced when I was just starting out as a blogger, and I am recommending it as an effective way to quickly make money as a blogger.
I haven’t also sought out freelance work for over a year now as most of my clients come to me from my blog, and my entire freelancing business is built on my blog.
This article will be sharing 4 smart ways I get clients from my blog.
The First Step…
While offering your services as a freelancer might seem easy, I’d like you to know that it’s not. In fact, adopting the mentality that freelancing is easy is the wrong way to start.
Not everybody can be a successful freelancer, but everybody has a chance at being one. This is why the first step is very important, and why it MUST never be ignored.
The first step you should be aware of when trying to succeed as a freelancer, via your blog, is that you should be able to deliver results. This step is very important, and most of the tips shared in this article depend on it.
Here are 4 smart ways to get freelance clients from your blog.
Tip #1: Critique a Top, but Flawed Product/Company
As a professional, there’s probably one popular site or two you’ve seen that you think needs a lot of improvement. This could be a corporate site, and it could be a popular blog. If you’re a freelance writer, you probably think their copy can be improved. And if you’re a designer, you probably think they need a design makeover. You can take things a step further by critiquing these websites on your blog, and analyzing what you think is wrong with them and how much impact making a change can have on their bottom line.
In most cases, representatives from these companies will comment to thank you for critiquing the site, and some of them might even consult with you to solve the problem. Most importantly, other clients will see this and get you on board to help with their business.
Note: When critiquing websites on your blog, the importance of staying positive shouldn’t be downplayed. There’s a difference between critiquing and insulting, and insulting another brand in the pretext of “critiquing” won’t help you get any clients. In fact, it will send them far away from you.
Tip #2: Start Writing Killer Articles
These are the kinds of blog posts that are relevant for years after they have been published. It might be for a year, two, or even decades. In other words, these posts don’t just die out following a popular trend. This kind of blog post is commonly known as evergreen content.
They are posts with a very long shelf life, and they are characteristic of a teacher.
In other words, these kinds of posts are very detailed, informative, easy to read and understand, and most importantly contain examples. The more effort you put into producing evergreen content, the more value you will get from them on the long run.
Once you’ve published your killer article, you should then include a short note below the article telling people to hire you if they’re interested in using your services.
Tip #3: Write Case Studies about Your Success
What are the best, most successful projects you’ve worked on till date?
Whether free or paid, this can be a great source of additional freelance clients for you.
A lot of us freelancers work on projects with clients and then forget about it; without collecting testimonials, and, most importantly, without asking for permission to publish their success as a case study.
Every single case study you write increases your chances of getting hired more.
Let your case study document your approach towards solving a particular problem common in your industry, and then explain the results you’re getting.
Don’t forget to include a small note along with your case study telling readers that you’re available for hire.
Tip #4: Leverage Key Pages on Your Blog
Don’t just include a form on your sidebar and expect an influx of subscribers, and don’t just create a landing page. I will recommend that one have an opt-in form on every page of one’s blog; this includes the about page, the contact page, and other important pages.
I am of the same philosophy when it comes to getting freelancing clients; just that in this case, you won’t be having an opt in form, but a subtle note telling people that you’re a freelancer.
Your about page is probably the most popular page on your blog, followed by your contact page. Why not leverage these two important pages to drive more clients to your freelancing business?
Have a small note on every important page on your blog telling people that you’re for hire; in this note, include a link to your hire me page and your portfolio, and your chances of getting hired will increase significantly.
Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money quick online, and blogging can be very effective for generating freelancing clients.
I hope the above tips are of help to you.
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