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Post by Kingseyi

The importance of writing great blog titles to draw traffic to your posts cannot be overstated. You may spend all day writing the greatest article in the world, but without a magnetic title your post may never get read.
In terms of SEO for blogs, titles are just as important as the article itself. Keywords in titles carry the heaviest weight with search engines. Additionally, having good titles are crucial to draw blog traffic from social networks and other places that may syndicate your content.
So making the extra effort to perfect your titles on each and every blog post may help take your blog to the next level.
Here are 12 proven tips to write good blog titles that will help your articles go viral:
1. Brainstorm: Before you do anything else, write down at least five titles for your article's topic the way you would search for that content.
2. Include Targeted Keywords: Always include strong keywords and phrases relevant to your article (use Google Keyword tool). Find the most-searched key phrases with the least competition from your brainstormed list of titles and string together the most compelling phrases.
Keyword Bonus Tip: Search your primary keyword phrase in Google with quote marks ("cool blog titles") around it to see how many search results are returned for that exact phrase. The lower number of results the better in terms of how many web pages you'll be competing with for those terms.
3. Keep them Short: More keyword phrases does not translate into a better title. Since most people are headline skimmers, it’s best to keep your titles short, catchy, and to the point. If longer titles appeal to your subject matter then break them up with a hyphen.
Example: Healthiest Dog Food Brands - Where to Find Them at the Best Prices.
4. Stay Relevant: Make sure your blog title stays relevant to the content in your post. You don’t want to get a reputation for sensational titles and lacklustre content, but make them as dramatic as possible for the topic.
5. Make Lists: Because we live in a fast-food world, people love their information in bullet points. Top ten lists like 10 Reasons, or 10 Ways to do this or that are very popular.
6. Leading with ‘This’: Many bloggers use leading headlines with great success. These titles are typically lacking in keywords and information but intrigue the headline reader to click.
Examples: This Daily Habit Can Cause Cancer or This Common Mistake Can Cost You Money.
7. Questions: Similar to leading titles, questions may compel readers to click through to article to find the answer. Also, if worded properly, question titles may be the exact thing people will search to find your article.
Example: What are the healthiest dog food brands?
8. Bold Statements: Be bold when you’re writing an article to educate or to rank items. Use words like best, proven, top, secret, tips, etc.
9. Use ‘How to’: Many people search with the term ‘how to’ when looking for information. So if your article aims to teach your reader something, including this term will be helpful.
Example: How to Blog for Money
10. Call to Action: Start your titles with action words like discover, become, win, learn, etc. Example: Discover the Main Reason You’re Not Losing Weight
11. Do NOT use ALL CAPS: Don't use all caps, or exclamation points, and words and phrases like BREAKING NEWS should be avoided. Although they may be compelling for your followers, Google frowns on their use.
12. Keywords in Front: Putting the targeted keywords first has many advantages. They will appear in the URL of the article on most platforms and will be the first words in the article meta tag and any link to the article itself.
Now that you’ve read this article, let’s break down the title to this post; Cool Blog Titles - 12 Proven Tips for How to Write Them. You’ll see I used many of the techniques listed here to construct this title.
My first 2 brainstorm titles (the way I would search this material) were:
• Tips to create magnetic blog titles
• How to create great blog titles
After researching keywords, I found that ‘write blog’ was better than 'create', and ‘blog titles’ were both very well-searched phrases in the keyword tool, but search results told me they were too competitive for a new site like this. And ‘tips’ combined with the word ‘blog’ was also attractive to my overall SEO purposes.
But my keyword focus was whether to use "good blog titles" or "best blog titles" as both are popularly searched. However, each returned 135K and 88K results, respectively, in searches which is fairly competitive.
Upon digging deeper, I found that "cool blog titles" was actually searched more times than "best" and returned a much less-competitive 22K search results. So I decided to make that my primary keyword phrase.
Then I formed the material into a list, used the bold word ‘proven’, kept it relevant and short, and added ‘how to’ for extra kick.
So it takes a bit of thought, research and some trial and error to become a great title writer. But it’s well worth the effort especially when you work hard to create quality content.
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