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Post by Kingseyi

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networking communities on the Web and is proving to be one of the best ways to generate traffic to blogs and websites.
Users share images by “pinning” them to online pin boards, which can be viewed by followers and fellow users. Each image saved from the Internet will also have an automatic link back to the source website.
Businesses have begun to use Pinterest as a way to help bring in more traffic to their websites to great effect. Research shows that it has directed more traffic than Google+, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn.
Here are a few things you can do to use Pinterest for driving even more traffic to your own website or blog.
Create your profile.
On Pinterest, like any social network, you get to write a brief description of yourself and your business. You want to avoid sounding too promotional because this is a more personal platform. You get to be informal and chatty with other users and followers. Be sure to use your actual photo instead of the company logo so that users know there is a person behind the pins. You can also link to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, so be sure to enable those.
Set up your boards.
When you are setting up your pin boards, make sure that you are giving them creative titles instead of just a list of the types of products you offer. As a photographer, for example, you can have a board for “Romantic Engagement Shots,” “Senior Portraits,” or “Family Beach Photos.” When you create a board, choose the most appropriate category so that it can be found by users. If a user likes what you have on your boards, they can choose to follow them and see every new pin you add to the board in the future.
Pin the best images.
Pinterest is based on the visual, on what the users can see. You need to have clear and creative images. Don’t just snap pictures of your products; take pictures of them being used or worn. Images of clothes, jewelry, food and crafts go viral quickly on Pinterest. If you are pinning blog posts, make sure you overlay the image from the post with the title. That way, even if another user changes the description, the meaning will not be lost.
Add the “Pin It” button to your site and blog.
You can make it easy for people who visit your site or blog to share your content on their own boards by adding the Pin It button. It will automatically add a link back to your website. You will be able to create a default description for each image.
Pin your own posts.
After you have set up your pin descriptions, pin some of your best posts- with a great image- to one of your pin boards. Then your followers can see your new post quickly and share it with others by pinning it to their own boards.
Keep track of your traffic.
When someone clicks on your pin, and it strikes a chord with them, they can click through to your website or blog post. They can also repin it to one of their own boards for their followers to see and share. You can keep track of how much traffic is being directed to you through Pinterest. This can also help you see what posts and pins are generating the most traffic so you will know what to focus on in the future.
Pinterest can greatly increase the amount of traffic to your website, which can then convert into more sales. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this newest social network.
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