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Speech impaired Bongos Ikwue’s daughter wins international speech contest


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Speech impaired Bongos Ikwue’s daughter wins international speech contest Empty Speech impaired Bongos Ikwue’s daughter wins international speech contest

Post by Kingseyi on Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:20 am

OMEI Bongos-Ikwue, daughter of music legend,
Bongos Ikwue, has made Nigeria proud by rising
above speech impairment to win an international
speech competition in Accra, Ghana.
OMEI Bongos-Ikwue
Bongos-Ikwue, member of the Abuja District of
Toastmaster, an affiliate of the Toastmasters
International, a worldwide non-profit educational
organization that empowers individuals to
become more effective communicators and
leaders, defied her congenital stuttering
challenges to achieve the feat.
Her winning speech, entitled: “Release it,”
focused on the themes of bravery, passion and
generosity, which she used a moving story to
illustrate that “we only receive extraordinary
things when we let go of the average or ordinary
ones.” The speeches were judged on content,
organization, gestures and style.
Speaking on what inspired her victory as a
public speaker, in spite of her speech
impairment challenge, she said: “When it comes
to connecting with an audience, Toastmasters,
as an organization has taught me how to be
confident and focused. In fact, since 1924,
Toastmasters International has helped people
from diverse backgrounds become more
confident speakers/communicators. It has
shown me that every speaking opportunity is an
opportunity to inspire people in an unforgettable
way that a host of other Toastmasters have
always inspired me.”
With this victory, Bongos-Ikwue will take part in
the World Championship of Public Speaking at
the Toastmasters International Convention on
August 25, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of
America. She will compete with 105 other
winners from districts around the world.
The very elated Nigerian lady, said that
representing her District at the International
Speech Contest “feels like the decisive stamp of
victory over my speech impediment,” adding
that she is “looking forward to competing on a
much larger stage in Chicago.”
Bongos-Ikwue is Public Health editor for E-
Proofers, based in Abuja.
The Toastmasters International Speech Contest
began in 1938 and is the world’s largest speech
contest, involving 30,000 participants from 141
countries. It culminates with the popular World
Championship of Public Speaking held annually
at the organization’s International Convention.

Loves you all.

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