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Pathways To The Next Level


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Pathways To The Next Level Empty Pathways To The Next Level

Post by Kingseyi

There is nothing God has in plan that does not
have a procedure to experiencing it. There is
always a due procedure to follow any of God’s
blessings for your life.
Many know that they are meant for the next level,
but don’t understand how to get there. For
everything there is a secret, a how to. Between
the promise and the performance there is the
Outside of God’s method, there are no other
working methods. It is following God’s process
that guarantees the product. Knowing the way God
works is what guarantees the product. There is
nothing that empowers like the working
knowledge of God’s word. Nothing guarantees
enduring success like the working knowledge of
the truth.
There are seven areas pathways that will cause
you to have a sustained lifestyle to your next
level. God wants us to move from one level of
grace to another level of grace. There are seven
fundamental principles and each begins with an S
1. Be Strong in the Lord.
Christianity calls for those who are strong in the
Lord and in the power of his might. Not strong in
our own ability but in the grace of our Lord: a)
saving grace- you must first be saved in order to
be strong. That is what makes the difference
between you and the unbeliever. Makes you
special. . (b) Sanctified grace- the
grace that sanctifies you daily. .
Separate you and makes you to behave like a
Christian wherever you are. You need to be strong
in it. (c) Serving grace: you are not only saved by
grace, sanctified by grace but there is also a grace
that helps you to serve. Kingdom service is the
provoker of your next level, it is the sustainer and
the preserver of your next level. Hannah did not
receive her next level until she attached the
service dimension to her prayer. She prayed that if
God would give her a son, he would be dedicated
to the service of God. Hannah in .
1Corinthians 15:10. You are called to labor and
not be lazy. (d) Sustaining grace: God’s grace will
save you, sanctifies you, empower you for service
and also sustain you. Being a Christian does not
mean that you will not encounter some
challenges, you wont check out as a result of the
challenges, wont lose your testimony-His grace is
sufficient for you.
2. Be Single minded: To be focused. Not to be
double minded. . God who has called
you is a good God. There are two things that will
keep you focus: 1. Define your desired end.
(my meat is to do the will of him that
sent me and to finish the work. . I have
glorified thee on the earth; I have finished the
work, which thou gave me to do). If you don’t
know where you are going, any road will look like
it. Elisha knew what he wanted: As thy soul lives, I
will not leave thee. 2. By Counting your eggs
before they are hatched. Focusing on the benefits
of your chosen course of action will always keep
you focus irrespective of the challenges on the
3. Be Strict- . To be disciplined.
Christianity is a disciplined Christ controlled life.
The word discipline is not a negative word, but
rather an integral part of a successful journey. It is
your ability to gain self-mastery. My definition of
discipline is “operating as required and not as
convenient” Not to do whatever you feel like
doing. In order to achieve anything meaningful in
life, you must be disciplined in a) time
management. .
Look carefully then how you walk, purposefully
and worthily and accurately not as unwise and
witless but as wise and sensible. Making the most
of your time. Every body has 24 hours. We need
to be time conscious. Our God is a God of time.
(b) Must be disciplined in what we consume-
, (c) be disciplined with our eyes, (d) be
disciplined with our temperament.
4. Be sound in your faith. There is the
need for us to know what we believe and not
shallow in our faith. The bible is our constitution.
Spend time in it. To read, study the bible,
meditate, memorize and live it. Pray more- Alfred
Pewee- Add kneelogy to your theology
5. Be strategic in your living. Therefore I do not
run uncertainly without a definite aim. I do not box
like one beating the air and striking without an
adversary 1Corinthians 9:26. To be strategic
means to have a plan of action designed to
achieve a particular goal. You need to be strategic
in a) your thinking, You must be generally
proactive and not reactive. This gives you
competitive advantage in life" .
Ants, Connies, locust and spider. Ants are feeble,
people not strong, yet they prepare their meet in
the summer. The connies (rock baggers or
Arabian mice: feeble houses in the rock. The
locusts have no king, yet go forth in bands. The
spider taketh hold with her hands and is king’s
palaces. There are important lessons in the lives
of these animals on preparation, association and
strategic living that we can all embraced.
6. Be steadfast- Be rugged, be consistent,
. Consistency. Diligence.
7. Be spirit filled- This is very important.
. Full of the Spirit. One of the New
Testament command, not optional. God wants you
to be full of the Holy Spirit. Only those who are
filled with the Holy Ghost can achieve for God.
Definition: to be full of the Holy Ghost at all times,
in all places under all circumstances. More so
under provocative situations. God expects us to
live a life full of the spirit as our normal Christian
life. We are to be controlled and be led by the
Holy Spirit. Living under His influence in our daily
lives. This will cause you to ceased to be
ordinary. Evidence: *You begin to exhibit the fruit
of the spirit. *Be able to speak like God, see like
God, act like God, and hear like God beyond the
natural. Elijah said by my word- 'there will be no
rain, Joshua- commanded sun and moon to stand
still. This will also compel God to act on our
behalf . You will be recognized
and respected by the devil.
Finally, befriend the Holy Spirit, hunger for the
Holy Spirit, always pray in the Spirit especially
praying in the unknown language. Stay blessed.

Loves you all.
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