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Fan saved by bucket on head after tile falls off US stadium


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Fan saved by bucket on head after tile falls off US stadium Empty Fan saved by bucket on head after tile falls off US stadium

Post by Kingseyi on Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:16 pm

A Chicago baseball fan attending a game at a
historic stadium in the midwestern US city has a
plastic bucket to thank for saving him from
serious injury.
The 19-year-old fan of the city’s Cubs was
wearing the bucket on his head Tuesday at a
night game against the visiting Arizona team
when a metal tile fell off of the manually
operated scoreboard at Wrigley Field, according
to the Chicago Tribune.
The fan was mostly shielded by the bucket,
though he needed five staples to close a gash
on his head, the newspaper said.
A team spokesman said this was the first known
instance of such an accident involving the 81-
year-old scoreboard, which is something of a
relic at a time when most parks have huge high-
definition video scoreboards.
The team is investigating the cause.
The stadium itself is more than 100 years old,
the second oldest in the country after Boston’s
legendary Fenway Park — the only other major-
league park with a hand-turned scoreboard.
A recent renovation project left the Wrigley
scoreboard untouched.
Chicagoans take pride in the historic stadium
and count the scoreboard — whose numbered
tiles are switched out by workers inside the
structure to show the scores of games around
the league — as an iconic treasure.
The team offered no explanation as to why the
fan had a bucket on his head.

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