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Tony Nwulu dumps PDP joins UPP


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Tony Nwulu dumps PDP joins UPP Empty Tony Nwulu dumps PDP joins UPP

Post by Kingseyi on Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:14 pm

ABUJA: Honourable Tony Nwulu, a People’s s
Democratic Party PDP member in the Federal
House of Representative has officially decamped
from PDP to Unity Progressive Party UPP.
The young lawmaker representing Oshodi Isolo,
Lagos Federal constituency made known his
intention in the wave of mass defection
swooping through the National Assembly.
The Imo State born House member in an official
letter presented to the House stated that he has
officially resigned his PDP membership from
today, Tuesday, July 24, 2019.
Contained in an official statement made available
to newsman, the lawmaker stated that his
defection is in accordance with Section 68 1(g)
of the 1999 Constitution amended, saying that
the irreconcilable conflicts rocking the party PDP
prompts his action.
Speaking at the heels of his defection, Hon
Nwulu stated that the choice to decamp to UPP
is a right step in the right direction having
studied and considered the party’s credibility as
a sure bet to actualize his gubernatorial
ambition in Imo State come 2019 election.
He also disclosed that it is in line with the
overwhelming yearning of the Imo State youths
who has lost interest in PDP and the ruling party
Recall that the astute lawmaker is the sponsor of
the successful “Not Too Young To Run” bill that
has passed massive endorsement from both
home and the international community. And with
the huge impact of the trending bill that has
endeared many youths to vie for elective
positions, Hon Nwulu stated that his victory has
been ordained by God to lead Ndi Imo out of
corrupt leaders.

Loves you all.

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