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James Rodriguez latest footballer on Spanish taxman’s hit-list


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James Rodriguez latest footballer on Spanish taxman’s hit-list Empty James Rodriguez latest footballer on Spanish taxman’s hit-list

Post by Kingseyi on Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:24 pm

Spain’s taxman wants Bayern Munich’s
Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez to
pay 11.65 million euros ($13.64m) for
evading taxes when he played at Real
Madrid, the El Mundo daily reported
James, who moved to Bayern Munich last year,
is accused of having evaded 6.35 million euros
in taxes, mainly linked to his image rights, and
would have to pay that amount plus a fine and
interests for a total of 11.65 million euros, it
Citing sources close to the case, the daily said
James was transferred to Real Madrid from
Monaco for 80 million euros mid-2014, but that
year he registered as a non-resident.
Tax authorities, though, reportedly believe he
should have registered as a resident, which
means he should settle the difference, or 6.35
million euros, related to his salary and the sale
of image rights.
Spain’s tax authorities refused to comment
when contacted.
The 27-year-old, who won the Golden Boot for
the top goal scorer in the 2014 World Cup, joins
a long list of other players who have got on the
wrong side of Spain’s taxman.
Some have reached deals, like Cristiano
Ronaldo, who recently moved to Juventus from
Real Madrid and accepted to pay 18.8 million
euros and a two-year jail sentence he won’t
have to serve.
FC Barcelona’s star Lionel Messi, though, went
to court where he was fined 2.1 million euros
for tax fraud and given 21 months in jail, which
was subsequently converted into another fine.

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